The Legal Stuff


                Bark Avenue has Policies and Procedures for the well being of your dog and Bark Avenue Employees. Unsatisfactory behavior determines whether a dog can or will be finished by the stylist. Please understand that an unmanageable dog can be dangerous to themselves and to the stylist. Every client is required to sign this Policy and Procedure Agreement prior to the first time any grooming services are performed.

Injuries to Bark Avenue Employees, such as a dog bite, will be reported to Amarillo Animal and Welfare Management Dept. The owner of said dog(s) will be responsible for payment of any and all medical bills and medical treatment for any employee of Bark Avenue. This will be in accordance with Texas State Liability Law Title 10 Chapter 822 Subchapter A

                We do understand that not every dog or client is going to fit-in with how Bark Avenue operates. Some clients require "in and out" type services. Bark Avenue will be more than happy to accommodate these clients, but there will be a fee of $30.00 per dog added on to the regular grooming fee and will require notification one week prior to the appointment.


Aggressive/Biting dogs will not be accepted.

When entering the salon ALL PETS MUST BE SECURED on a leash or in your arms at all times. 

                We require that all perspective clients visit Bark Avenue for a pre-consultation and pet interview before scheduling any appointment. The reason for this is to determine your dogs temperament and grooming needs. If your dog is matted or over grown then we will need to discus what options can be taken for your dog. If your dog has aggression issues, then we will discus what options Bark Avenue may or may not be able to provide you.

If your pet is severely matted, every effort will be made to protect your pet's skin and coat while removing hair on the matted pet. The skin can become extremely sensitive and incur clipper marks, abrasions, rashes, nicks, itchiness or redness. Shaving extremely matted ears might also encourage head shaking causing hematomas. You, as the owner, agree to, in no way, hold Cosbyco Investments LLC dba Bark Avenue responsible for any problems resulting from the grooming  of your matted pet. Additional charges will be added to your regular fees.

Pet owners are responsible for any and all damages by their pet. This includes damages to the grooming salon and/or groomer.

Dogs that exhibit EXTREME behavior such as continuously struggling, biting, urinating or defecating during the grooming process will be returned to the owner unfinished and you as the owner agree to pay the full amount due.

Our main goal at Bark Avenue is quality work in a safe and tranquil environment.


Prices are non-negotiable.

Early pick ups and late drop offs can interrupt our grooming schedule and potentially cause a dog to be injured. Our grooming instruments are very sharp and any distraction can cause injury. Safety is our number one concern for our employees and your pet. Please do not call to check if your pet is ready to be picked up. Our normal drop off times in the morning are from 7:30am until 8:00am. Normal pick up time is 12pm. Normal drop off time in the afternoon is 1pm and the pick up time will be between 5pm and 6pm.
We highly recommend that current clients pre-book or schedule your next appointment when you pick up your dog.

Please let us know if you are going to be leaving your dog all day when scheduling your dogs appointment. We may not have cage space and may need you to make other arrangements for pick up

 Appointments that are missed by 30 minutes or more will be rescheduled for another date and will be considered a "No Show".

No Call / No Show on your appointment will result in you paying a full grooming fee for the missed appointment at your next appointment.

Any client that No Call / No Shows two times is presumed to be seeking grooming services elsewhere.



All pets must be up to date on Rabies Vaccinations. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Any dogs that arrive with fleas or ticks will be dipped, and owner of said dog will be charged $15 (small breeds) or $30 (med/lg breeds) in addition to grooming fees. We will call you to inform you if your pet has fleas or ticks. We also suggest treating your home and yard for fleas and ticks.

Photos and/or videos may be taken of your pet before, during and after styling for use on Bark Avenues' website, Facebook page or for any marketing or advertisement purposes.



I Agree to hold harmless from damage, loss or claims arising from any known or unknown pre-existing conditions of my pet(s).

I authorize Cosbyco Investments LLC dba Bark Avenue to act as my agent in the event emergency veterinarian services are needed, boarding care, or transportation is necessary and I agree to pay all costs incurred.

Any/All damages, loss or claims shall include but not limited to death, injury or shock. Said pre-existing conditions shall not be limited to advanced age, extreme nervousness, neurosis, illness, previous injury, skin and coat conditions or mental condition.

I have read and understand my rights and obligations as written in this agreement for the services of pet styling by Cosbyco Investments LLC DBA Bark Avenue

We appreciate your cooperation in making Bark Avenue a safe and welcoming environment for you and your dog


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