The Benefits of Mobile Pet Styling

Absolute Convenience for you and your dog. 

Zero Stress Environment

Cage Free

Disease Free

No exposure to other animals.

Calm and Relaxing Atmosphere

One on One Personal Service

Safe and Ideal for Most Dogs

Fully Self Contained Mobile Salon

Eliminates Car Transportation

Safe and Secure Turnkey service available.


Bark Avenue Mobile Pet Styling is currently taking new clients in select areas of Amarillo and Bushland.

If you are interested in getting on one of my routes, please text me the following information.

1. Your Name and Address.

2. Breed of your dog.

3. A full understanding of our policies and procedures.

All of these will determine if I have an availability.

Please remember not all dogs are good candidates for mobile grooming. Your pet must be agile enough to get into and out of the van on their own, sorry I'm not lifting your 150lb geriatric dog into the van, it's not safe for me or your dog.  Aggressive dogs,  big or small are unwelcome.

Our Mobile grooming service works a little different than a typical salon. You are required to be on a 5 week schedule. We do not offer one time grooms or periodic grooms. Once you are on a route, the day and time of your appointment will remain the same.

Grooming services are priced by the hour with a one hour minimum.  $110.00 per hour plus tax is our current rate. This does not include the customary gratuity.

Most small dogs can be finished within one hour while larger dogs will take a little while longer.